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OTL Conference Room (Anderson Academic Commons 345)

Try it out before you buy in!

The Try Before You Buy In training series lets instructors experience instructional technologies from the student perspective before implementing them in the classroom. Then, if you decide you’re ready to buy in, stay for personalized setup help to make sure you’re prepared for your students. 


What is Respondus LockDown Browser?

Respondus LockDown Browser is a Canvas integration that locks down the online testing environment to prevent cheating. Students are unable to visit other websites, access other applications, copy, print, or take a screen capture while taking an exam through LockDown Browser. 


How Does the Training Work?

Part 1: Try it Out 

In this session, you’ll see what it’s like to take a quiz or exam in Canvas using LockDown Browser. You’ll go through downloading and installing the software, using the browser, and navigating an online exam just as students do. We’ll talk about common issues and recommended settings for online testing. 

Part 2: Set it Up (optional) 

If you decide to use it in your course, the last hour of the session will be dedicated to getting your quiz or exam set up in Canvas with LockDown Browser. We’ll make sure you have enabled all the right settings to facilitate a secure Canvas quiz, either in class or online. If you don’t currently have any quizzes or exams set up in your Canvas course, come prepared with a quiz and answer key you would like to move into Canvas.  


This session is limited to the first 10 participants to allow for meaningful conversations and personalized attention.

Canvas Educational Technology

OTL Conference Room (Anderson Academic Commons 345)

The Heart of Higher Education is an opportunity to gather as a DU community to share the challenges and opportunities of transcending the institutional, professional and personal choices that tend to separate core identity/integrity from day to day actions. The meetings are open to all faculty (of any rank) and staff (of any title).  The Conversations are hosted by the Office of Teaching and Learning and facilitated by OTL Faculty Teaching Fellow, Professor Paul Michalec from the Morgridge College of Education. The Heart of Higher Education Conversations create a positive and constructive space where staff and faculty can explore ways of re-connecting calling with professional responsibilities. Our time together is bounded by norms designed to create an open invitation to share while respecting individual choices to not share at a particular time. Prior to each meeting an agenda and brief reflective reading is sent out.

Come late or leave early.  This is an invitation for self-care.  No guilt necessary.   



Want to learn more about making your ZOOM sessions more engaging? ZOOM comes packed with many features that can improve your instructional webinar meetings. In this session, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Best practices for instructional webinars
  • Discuss various ZOOM meeting settings that can improve your webinar
  • Recording options - local vs. cloud
  • Using polling questions to increase audience interaction
  • Using collaborative screen annotation tools
  • Using breakout rooms for small group work
  • Ideas for using ZOOM for face-2-face courses

Join URL:

Hosts: Jae McQueen and Alex Martinez

Download ZOOM:

Educational Technology Pedagogy Online Education Open to Grad Students Faculty Development

OTL Conference Room (Anderson Academic Commons 345)

A critical key to success for both teaching and learning is deep engagement with assigned pre-readings. Not only does this benefit learning goals but also classroom discussions. Understanding the metacognitive scaffolding necessary when choosing and designing homework will support the application of readings during class and their use in assignments. Join us to explore evidence-based pre-reading strategies including: structured critical pre-reading, epistemological, experiential, communicative and political questions.

We will be using Brookfield and Preskill’s Discussion as a Way of Teaching. Tools and Techniques for Democratic Classrooms (2005, 2nd ed.) and The Discussion Book: 50 Great Ways to Get People Talking (2016).

Pedagogy Inclusive Teaching Practices

OTL Conference Room (Anderson Academic Commons 345)

This Faculty Learning Community is centered around Robin DiAngelo's White Fragility book. DiAngelo brings "language to the emotional structures that make true discussions about racial attitudes difficult [and] in doing so, [she] moves our national discussion forward with new rules of engagement."

We will explore how the phenomenon of white fragility impacts how we show up in the classroom, and how we make space for all our students to grow and thrive. Our goal is to unpack "how white fragility develops, how it protects racial inequality, and what we can do to engage more constructively" to increase our intrapersonal and interpersonal awareness and enact Inclusive Excellence.

Co-facilitated by OTL Directors Dr. Valentina LaGrave and Dr. Karen Swanson. This is a collaborative Faculty Learning Community structured around book chapters. Participants will take turns leading the discussion, and will receive a copy of DiAngelo's book once registration is closed.

We will meet every other week on Tuesdays, beginning on September 17th in the OTL Conference Room. Please feel free to bring your lunch and anything else to be comfortable in the community.

Inclusive Teaching Practices