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OTL Conference Room (Anderson Academic Commons 345)

How do we address existing and historical iniquity in “objective” academic fields like Mathematics? In this faculty showcase, Allegra Reiber will share a group activity from her Mathematics through Fiction FSEM aimed at doing just that through critical reading of a short story about a mathematically talented student of color. We will talk about the students’ experience and responses, and how privileged and non-privileged socially constructed identifiers (age, gender, race/ethnicity, religious beliefs, social class) impact what individuals experience and think about mathematics and schooling. Together, we will consider how stories and other activities lead to important discussions of inclusivity in the classroom.

Faculty Showcase Inclusive Teaching Practices Open to Grad Students Pedagogy

The Loft (Anderson Academic Commons 340)

Come join DU faculty staff, students, and staff for a conversation around finding and sustaining the “True North” of our identity, integrity, and fidelity to our shared work in higher education including service to each other, ourselves, and the public good. 

Author Shelly L. Francis, from the Center for Courage and Renewal, will share her findings on ways that leaders from an array of professions find ways to sustain heart and passion for the work in the face of the volatile and complex issues on a societal, cultural, business and personal level.  She will also offer practical strategies based on skills developed by the Center for Courage and Renewal to build and sustain relational trust. The Courage Way explores five types of courage—Moral, Physical, Social, Creative and Collective—and demonstrates how each can manifest themselves in day-to-day decisions we face in business, in organizations, and in our daily lives.  Shelly writes:  “Today’s world is beset with rapid changes in culture, government, technology, social mores, expectations, and economic concerns. That’s why we need leaders—really, every one of us—to act with courage. Courage is what happens when you bring inspiration and integrity to your decisions to take action. In your moments of courage, that’s when you meet your true self.”

Inclusive Teaching Practices