Registration: Teaching for Inclusion & Equity Badges Introduction


09-Sep-2022 | 2:30 PM-3:30 PM




Becca Ciancanelli (
The Office of Teaching and Learning’s Teaching for Inclusion and Equity (TIE) Micro-credential Program provides faculty with research-based strategies to design and support a culture of equity and inclusion in their classroom. Two TIE badge programs are open for application: the TIE Foundational badge program and the TIE Intermediate badge program. This session will provide an introduction to the program requirements and the skillset that is addressed for each badge.
Micro-credential programs allow earners to showcase skills, competencies, or achievements gained from learning experiences. Digital badges are the visual representation of having earned a micro-credential and link to the faculty’s unique program artifacts. Please visit the DU Micro-credential Program page for more information.
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Pedagogy Inclusive Teaching Practices

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