Registration: Inclusive Teaching Practices from the “Syllabus Challenge” Toolkit


28-Jul-2022 | 2:00 PM-4:00 PM




Kim Case (Virginia Commonwealth University)


Terese Rainwater (

This interactive session will introduce simple, yet powerful actions faculty can take to increase pedagogical microaffirmations that foster sense of belonging among students. The practical tips and strategies offered by the Syllabus Challenge address both the syllabus document as well as broader course design. We will examine several examples of learning goals, course materials, assignments, and course policies via reflective questions posed by the Syllabus Challenge toolkit. 


Workshop goals and objectives:

  • Introduce faculty to ideas for small changes to syllabi and course content for maximum impact on reducing equity gaps.
  • Provide practical tips for inclusive practices that can be applied across a range of courses.
  • Create a space for faculty interaction and exchange of ideas with regard to inclusive practices that will extend beyond the workshop itself.
  • Practice application of critical questions to analyze one’s own course design, learning goals, course materials, assessment (or student learning products), and policies.
  • Provide a tool, the Syllabus Challenge, that can be used over time to continue to make changes that increase sense of belonging


Pedagogy Faculty Development Inclusive Teaching Practices

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