Registration: Valuing DEI/Inclusive Teaching in Promotion and Tenure


04-Nov-2022 | 12:00 PM-2:00 PM




Kim Case (Virginia Commonwealth University)


Terese Rainwater (

Counting what matters within evaluation of inclusive teaching requires us to broaden our understanding of IDEAS pedagogies (i.e., DEI) beyond traditional metrics of effective teaching. Standard and default promotion review practices in higher education contribute to invisibility and devaluing innovative inclusive teaching practices. Individual evaluators play a significant role in recognizing and rewarding inclusive teaching efforts in the promotion process. This session provides evaluators examples of inclusive teaching that expand beyond course evaluation numbers that limit our perceptions of exceptional pedagogies. We will also consider evaluator approaches to writing strong review letters which align individual faculty members’ inclusive teaching with institutional values and priorities.

Designed for all faculty who participate in evaluation of other faculty, including chairs and directors, promotion and/or tenure committee members, and those at the rank of associate or full.  

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