Registration: Half Day Workshop: Post-Promotion Pathfinders


02-Dec-2021 | 9:00 AM-12:00 PM


Gregg Kvistad Special Events Room (AAC 290)

Special Events Room - Anderson Academic Commons - 290



Carlita Favero


Alison Staudinger (

How and Why to Chart Your Own Path after Winning Tenure and/or Promotion

Winning tenure can be a thrilling experience after many years of hard work. However, once the initial thrill fades, many newly tenured and/or promoted faculty members describe feeling confused about their next steps, unclear where they should invest their energy, and unsure how to respond to immediately escalating service requests.

Presentation by: Carlita Favero, PhD Associate Professor, Biology and Neuroscience, Ursinus College

This workshop is designed for Associate Professors in all series  to identify the challenges associated with post-promotion life and to better understand the diverse pathways that faculty members can take. In this workshop, we create a space where newly promoted faculty members can pause and intentionally reflect on future possibilities.

Participants will learn:

  • The most common mistakes new faculty members make in their first post-promotion and/or tenure year
  • The NCFDD process for choosing their  pathway
  • How to create a new mentoring network and support system to ensure success in the next chapter of their career

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