Hybrid Course Design Institute Begins


02-Aug-2021 | 8:00 AM-5:00 PM




Virginia Pitts, Director of University Teaching


contact photo Virginia Pitts (Virginia.Pitts@du.edu)

To register for this institute, please use this link to complete this custom registration survey (it is open!).

The purpose of this two-week Hybrid Course Design Institute (CDI), which runs August 2-13, is to support faculty in designing hybrid learning experiences that result in significant learning – that is, learning that has the potential to change students’ lives in lasting and important ways. While the primary focus of this institute will be on hybrid courses (in which a substantial portion of face-to-face instruction is replaced with online instruction), this institute will also be supportive to faculty members who are planning any course that includes both face-to-face and online elements (particularly those who are interested in using the flipped approach), or who are planning fully face-to-face courses in the coming academic year.   

We currently plan to offer this Institute in a hybrid format - that is, as a combination of online, aynchroous activities and in-person meeting opportunities. Faculty members who participate in this Hybrid Course Design Institute (in which they will design or redesign one of their own courses) will be better-prepared to:

- Articulate overall learning outcomes that can be used as a "north star" in designing/adapting their courses

- Identify assessments that will support them and/or their students in determining the extent to which they have achieved the desired learning outcomes

- Identify learning activities that make the most of the affordances of the face-to-face and online modalities to support students in in achieving the desired learning outcomes

- Cultivate a sense of community and connection among their students and between students and themselves

- Foster student motivation to learn and the self-directedness necessary for students to succeed in hybrid learning environments

In addition, though participating in this institute (given that this Institute will be delivered in a hybrid format!), participants will deepen their empathy for what it is like to be a student in a hybrid course so that they might draw upon this in their own teaching.

Note: We are still working out the exact timing and location of the in-person activities. We will share that information here - and email that information to everyone who has registered - by the end of June (if not before!). At that time, those who have already completed the registration survey will have the opportunity to confirm their registration. 

To register for this institute, please use this link to complete this custom registration survey (it is open!).







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