Registration for this Course Design Self-Study IS open - you can register using this link to our registration survey in Qualtrics. But first, please see below for more details.


The Course Design Institute Self-Study (CDI-SS) is a set of online, asynchronous activities and materials focused on designing courses for significant learning – that is, learning that has the potential to change students’ lives in lasting and important ways. Similar to the in-person version of the Course Design Institute that runs during the summer, this self-study supports faculty in designing or redesigning a course in which all components (outcomes, assessments, and activities) align to result in significant learning.

The self-study will take about 20 hours to complete, and will be delivered via Canvas. While this is self-paced (which means participants can complete the course activites at whatever pace is most supportive to them), it is designed so that faculty who are teaching this coming Winter (and would therefore benefit from completing the entire self-study before the end of the year) could complete the entire self-study in 2 weeks by spending an average of 2-3 hours per day on course activities. 

There is a $500 stipend available to faculty members who complete and submit the key “deliverables” (a course alignment table along with a completed self-assessment rubric) by January 6. 


Participants who actively engage in this self-study will – in addition to completing a draft of the high-level design for their course – be better-prepared to: 

  • Intentionally design a course in which all components (outcomes, assessments, and activities) align with each other to result in important and lasting learning for students.
  • Use research-based perspectives on how learning works as "tools to think with" in designing learning experiences.
  • Articulate significant learning outcomes for their courses - that is, the lasting and most important learnings they hope students will come away with, and that can be used as a “north star” in designing/adapting your courses.
  • Identify assessments that support both them and their students in determining the extent to which the desired learning outcomes have been achieved.


To register for this self-study, please complete this registration form. You will receive an email invitation to join the Canvas course by December 5.

Faculty Development Pedagogy


The Teaching Online - Advanced Practice Short Course is designed to help faculty fine-tune their teaching strategies, student engagement, and Canvas skills. The course includes robust assessment strategies and active learning techniques such as multimedia, measuring individual and group learning outcomes, technology integrations that promote social and cognitive engagement, and advanced Canvas applications, visuals, and templates. If you do not teach using Canvas, this course may not be affective for you.

Join us for a fun course that will take your teaching to a new level. The course starts Monday, December 5 and is self-paced through December. Upon completion of the course requirements, particpants will receive a stipend. 


  • Utilize academic technology such as Canvas to organize and enhance your online course
  • Design meaningful online assessments and activities
  • Identify methods for engaging and motivating online learners

We strive to host inclusive, accessible events that enable individuals of all abilities to engage fully. To request an accommodation or for inquiries about accessibility, please contact the OTL at or at 303-871-2084. Please note that without adequate notice before the event, we may not be able to provide reasonable accommodations.

Adjunct Teaching Excellence Program Educational Technology Online Education Pedagogy

OTL Conference Room (Anderson Academic Commons 345)

In this 90-minute, interactive workshop, you’ll be introduced to concept of designing for significant learning – that is, learning that has the potential to change students’ lives in lasting and important ways. You’ll also become familiar with two tools/frameworks – the Taxonomy of Significant Learning and the Three-Column Alignment Table - that can support you in this design work, and have the opportunity to practice applying these tools/frameworks in thinking about the design of your own courses.

Adjunct Teaching Excellence Program Pedagogy

OTL Conference Room (Anderson Academic Commons 345)

This is an opportunity for participants in the Summer 2022 CDI to reconvene and discuss successes, challenges, and lessons learned. 

Faculty Development Pedagogy


This Winter SoTL Retreat is reserved for the selected Faculty Fellows for the SFF 2022-23 program.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning