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31-Jan-2023 | 11:00 AM-12:00 PM




Ellen Hogan


Ellen Hogan (

The UDL Your Course Series was designed to support faculty members on their exploration and understanding of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework. UDL is an inclusive model for teaching that centers the needs of students with disabilities, with the overall goal of creating a learning environment that is accessible to all students without the need for accommodations. In this fourth workshop, Flexible Assessment, we will investigate variation in assessment and the use of a common rubric to enhance student choice and creativity. Many times, students understand the content, but the traditional test is a barrier to success. Using a variety of assessments gives a better overall measure of understanding. Variation in assessments has been shown to not only increase accessibility, but also engagement and learning for all learners across disciplines. 

Please note: Attendees do not need to attend the UDL Your Course Workshop Series in any particular order.

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All UDL Your Course Workshops can be applied to the Adjunct Teaching Excellence Program for the Accessibility and UDL competency - synchronous component (Adjunct Faculty participating only need to attend one of the UDL Your Course workshops). This workshop can also be applied to the Teaching for Inclusion and Equity (TIE) Foundational Badge.

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